Accompanying the State's digital transformation: the EIG method

The remit of the program coordination team: create and back a cohort of public interest entrepreneurs - or EIGs, professionals with exceptional digital skills - and mentors - public servants - to complete some fifteen challenges in as many different administrations.

For this purpose, the team designs a tailor-made coaching program. It is intended for both EIGs and mentors and is designed to assist them at each stage of the challenge: scoping of the challenge, definition of the roadmap, putting into production, enhancing of the tools produced, sustainability of the challenge...

Coaching takes various forms:

Publics interest entrepreneurs talking during a bootcamp

Induction week or "EIG bootcamp"

A few weeks after the arrival of EIGs in their administrations, the bootcamp allows them to get to know each other, share their initial steps in the administration and discover the coaching program.

Discover an EIG bootcamp
Slides on open source and open data by Antoine Augusti

Plenary sessions for the EIGs

One day per month, the promotion is held in a neutral location to explore a particular topic (legal framework, design, communication, etc.). Formats vary: stand-ups, presentations, workshops, peer-to-peer learning, etc.

Discover an EIG session
Mentors listening to a presentation

Plenary sessions for the mentors

For half a day a month, mentors meet in a neutral location to share their successes, their obstacles and their ideas for putting the challenges they back on a permanent footing.

Discover a mentor session
Designers talk during the seminar

Seminars "outside the walls" for the EIGs

Discover an outside the walls seminar
Two mentors et two EIG presenting the outcomes of a workshop

Coaching sessions with EIGs and their mentors

They allow teams to take stock of the progress of their challenges and to agree on their roadmaps.

Discover an EIG and mentors session
A mentor talks to an EIG

Mediation between EIGs and their mentors

This ensures that goals are understood and shared by everyone. It also helps to step back from the challenge and steer it in promising directions.

The association Latitudes presents its work in front of the EIGs


The team relies on synergies between EIGs and/or mentors and relevant actors for their challenges.

Illustration of EIG guides

Easy to understand mini-guides

The team establishes a knowledge base that is updated as the program develops. Two mini-guides have been published in PDF format, one on the success of an EIG challenge and the other on opening up the source code of the software produced.

A dedicated team

Within Etalab, a dedicated team sets up the cohorts and supports them during 10 months. This multidisciplinary team can back EIGs and mentors in various aspects of their challenges: strategy, technical choices, project management, assessment, communication, etc.

Mathilde Bras

project head

Mathilde has been supervising the program since March 2017 and is working to create a link between the challenges and the EIG community and Etalab's activities.

Soizic Pénicaud

project manager

Soizic is responsible for the coaching of EIGs and mentors and brings together people with different skills and experiences.

Sophie Miljkovic

communication manager

Sophie is responsible for communication of the program with the aim of making it known and appreciated as widely as possible.

The Ecosystem

The EIG program believes in working with its community: in working closely with an entire ecosystem, it can offer comprehensive backing to EIGs and their mentors.

Etalab provides both legal and technical support and gives the EIG-mentor teams the benefit of its knowledge of administrative networks. For example, EIGs benefit from preferential interactions with the members of the team who coach them on technical issues.

Beta.gouv champions state-owned start-ups and is a mirror of the EIG program. It allows EIG-mentors teams to benefit from its experience in backing digital projects in administrations. The synergies are so strong that several EIG challenges are part of state-owned start-ups: Tell-tell signs, Explocode and LexImpact.

EIGs strengthen their group working in contact with other public interest digital players: public entities such as the CNIL, working groups and associations such as DataForGood or Latitudes, etc.