What do public servants who are mentors of the EIG program learn?

27 July 2018 / by Soizic Pénicaud, équipe EIG

The Public interest entrepreneurs program not only mobilizes a committed group of digital professionals, but also brings together a community of experienced public servants who are passionate about improving public services: mentors who back EIG challenges within administrations. During this second edition of the EIG program, we have seen how important it is to provide mentors with spaces to share their experiences, just as EIGs do.

Bastien qui montre sa vie de développeur Bastien Guerry, EIG Link at Etalab, presents the group of mentors with the typical week of a developer: terminal, Stack Overflow, github… © Soizic Pénicaud

At this mid-term session, the mentors addressed four topics: successes / learnings / what I would do differently / advice to future EIG3 mentors.

Shared successes and difficulties

This workshop confirmed that although mentors have very diverse job profiles (sector functions, technical functions, etc.), they often have similar experiences within the EIG program. This includes:

  • learning new methods and digital skills (code, design)
  • feeling of having breathed new life into their departments through the presence of EIGs
  • pride in having developed tools that meet real needs
  • balance to be found between the usual operation of administrations and the working methods of EIGs
  • questions raised by the particular position of EIGs within departments, etc.

One of the successes for the Etalab program team : see mentors acquire mediation skills within their departments , creating a dialogue between sectors and technology. Knowing how to bridge the gap between people with different skills is an essential role in establishing sustainable digital tools suitable for users.

Soizic et les post-its des mentors Soizic Pénicaud, member of the Etalab EIG team, leads this feedback session © Sophie Miljkovic

A more general question: the recruitment of digital professionals in administrations

During the afternoon's considerations, a question that goes beyond the scope of the EIG program came up regularly: the recruitment of digital profiles in administrations and internal digital skills in departments. As a result of these discussions, mentors decided to meet to write a collective note on these topics. A project to be followed up!

Photo de classe des mentors EIG2 Class photo of EIG2 mentors. From left to right: Renaud Périn, Hélène Cavalié, Emmanuel Weisenburger, Mathilde Bras, Yann Caradec, Bénédicte Pachod, Anne Lambert, Chloé Moser, Rémy Nollet, Delphine Le, Stéphanie Schaer, Caroline Pisarz, Eric Le Guen © Sophie Miljkovic